Simple Steps to Building Your CV with Volunteering and Fundraising

Simple Steps to Building Your CV with Volunteering and Fundraising

Building a kick ass CV is imperative as a student. You want to make sure that you have the right skills in place ready for the big, wide world of work. But, many students find that their CVs are somewhat lacklustre when they finish their degree. While you are at university, it’s time to make the most of the spare time that you have. Volunteering and Fundraising is a good way of ensuring that you are employable. Let’s face it; it looks good on your CV. Aside from learning some essential skills in your placement, you can also make your CV look good. Thus increasing your chances of employability upon graduation.

Learning as You Volunteer: Finding Your Strengths and Weaknesses

As a student, your work experience may be limited. With that in mind, you don’t truly know what you are good at and what you are not so good at. But, by volunteering you can ensure that you are learning without the pressure of having to perform. Fundraising can be a fun way of learning more about what makes people tick. It can give you some excellent skills for the future. Learning, time management and leadership skills are all essential aspects of fundraising. You may be not great at these things now, but by completing fundraising tasks, you can ensure that you are learning as you go. Acting professional and persuasive is necessary skills in life.

But, learning them while you are completing voluntary placements is a good place to start. The best way to do fundraising is to ensure that you are focussed. You can seek out different charities and placements online and see if they have spaces within their programs. It’s a great way of making sure that you are in a good place to learn more about the world of work in an informal placement or setting.


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Focus on Your Role: Maximise Your Placement

The role of a charity worker can be varied. So, make the most of it. You need to ensure that you are encompassing the role that you are given. Okay, it may not be your dream position, but it’s a stepping stone and you can learn a lot. Take the time to get to know your role in a volunteer placement. Do be sure to make the most of your time. Keep a journal or blog. Ensure that you learn from others. What’s more, ask lots of questions. You will be viewed as enthusiastic. And, you may get a sterling reference in the process.


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Charity Work and Fundraising: Find Out More About You

One of the best things about charity work is that you can know more about what makes you tick. Is it helping others? Is it the marketing aspects? Is it the social elements? When you are undertaking fundraising and charity work, you can ensure that you are developing your own set of professional skills. Find out what makes you tick. What’s more, you will know what areas of your career you would like to develop once you leave education.

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